Wednesday, December 3, 2008


There are those of us (mostly crazy caricature artists) who like to spend our free time searching the web for cooler, more interesting caricatures, either for entertainment or inspiration. If you do too, then you may be familiar with Joe Bluhm (don't know personally) and Glenn Ferguson (know personally). Joe seems to be the "Obama" of the caricature world, Glenn is the "Susan Lucci". He's been silver and bronze nosey winner but never Gold nosey award from the National Caricature Network. To me, they both have very similar styles so I went over to google trends. This is the graph of who is more popular at the moment. Click here to see. I guess it doesn't mean anything, but it's interesting to see how close they are now. 

On the same note, it's interesting to see where caricature artists rank in the cultural wonderland (sarcasm) which is our country. I compared Joe Bluhm to Paris Hilton: Results here. ... No contest. I guess we (caricature artist) should take ourselves too seriously because the world sure doesn't... unless you caricature Mohammed.

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