Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 Airbrush styles

I started in 2002 at Magic Mountain working with Fasen Arts. Fasen is known for bringing the graphite and airbrush style to retail caricatures. Airbrush is a great way of getting highly rendered caricatures in a speedy and versatile way. There are many different ways to use an airbrush so you can get a variety in styles. Recently I did a 3 different caricatures in 3 styles.

Dog- A more cartoony style ala Tom Richmond, but of course, not as skilled.

Jean Paul Belmondo - This one is a more rendered style. A little less graphite, a little more paint.

Joe Rogan - This one is definately more portraity. Almost not an caricature, but a crappy portrait haha, but still a variety of style possible with an airbrush.


justfrancesca said...

Some fun drawings here--like your graphite

vhpayes said...

Thanks for coming over to my humble blog and for your kind comments, I'm trying to do more fun drawings, like you guys do down there at Sea World.