Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A small Jerry Macguire moment.

I Just spent hours reading posts about Emily the Strange character being ripped off from a character from a children's book. Read about it here...
Rosamund the strange

and an even worse accused offender... Todd Goldman.

To me, this is serious. I highly value originality. I struggle with it myself and sometimes I don't produce anything because I don't want to be derivative. So I look down upon artist who "borrow" from others who have suffered to spark the fire of a good idea. Reading about this issue has inspired me to from now on strive to create truly original art. I only want to use photos to study, but not copy and If one of my ideas is similar too to someone else's, then I won't use that idea.

No more using single photo references for caricatures either. I believe this will only improve my creativity and add a new dimension to my caricatures. Static samples derived from single photo is so boring anyway.

So you shouldn't see more of those samples like the ones below. Caricatures from photographs will only be done for customer commissioned pieces, and even then I will add my own twist as to not make it a copy of a photo.

Perhaps this concept will even creep into other sphere of my life. Hopefully it will.

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David Reyes said...

thanks for sharing with us. That street artist is fucken crazy cool.