Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first Caricature Connection post

So after Edward's arts lost the contract in Citywalk. I needed a place to finish off the summer. They wouldn't take me back at Universal (long story), but thank God I found Caricature Connection. It's a different style of doing caricatures than I'm accustomed to. I have to draw body situations. There is a book where the customer can choose what they want to be doing, but we don't have to copy it. We are free to interpret they situation in our own way. Here are some examples of a few situations from the book as interpreted by me in my first month at Caricature Connection.

 This one is from the first week or two. The girl's name is Zoe, which happens to be our dog's name so I drew our Zoey into the picture. I didn't tell the little girl that she has the same name as our doggy though.

This one is from my first day at Animal Kingdom. The girl wanted to be drawn as "Jungle Girl". Note the Tex Avery inspired lion.

This is the same pose and situation as the first one above (Roller Blading), but this girl was older so I caricatured the body too.

This last one is from today. Mermaids are one of the most requested and also one of my favorites to draw because it lets me have fun with the supporting animal cast. I prefer the mermaid on the rocks.

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