Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More Caricature Connection

One the things I like about working with Caricature Connection is that guest sometimes ask you for things that are not "in the book" like this kid who wanted to be drawn riding Space Mountain with his weimaraner. At first I was a little intimidated with the request, but once I got into it, I rather enjoyed figuring out how to make it seem like he was riding Space Mountain, which is really dark, with out making the whole background black.

The second one is from "the book", but I liked drawing this girl. She had a fun face.


heri said...

I like these a lot!
Nice job.

Kylo Morris said...

Hey. You got such beautiful stuff man.
Are you back in Flordia.
This is Kyle from Universal, well not for a long time now. But maybe you remember me.
I like the caricatures that make themselves too.

vhpayes said...

Hey Kylo, of course I remember you. What are you up to?